Russia-China Trade Up 20.8% in 2017

This article was originally published by Sputnik News – Business.

Editor’s note: China is clearly the world’s number one manufacturing nation. No doubts about that. Russia on the other hand is, arguably, the world’s most resource-rich nation. It is also the largest country on Earth spanning 11 time zones. When you combine these two factors, I see nothing but huge business opportunities in China-Russia trade. This powerful trade partnership is a sleeping giant with massive investment potential. Keep your ears and eyes on this.

BEIJING (Sputnik) – Trade between China and Russia was up 20.8 percent last year, rising to $84 billion, according to figures released Friday by the Chinese customs authority.

Estimates by the General Administration of Customs has showed that Chinese exports to Russia rose 14.8 percent to $42.9 billion last year, while Russian exports were up 27.7 percent to $41.2 billion.

China remains Russia’s biggest trade partner in terms of trade turnover. Russia estimated in 2016 that the annual trade flows between the two world powers were at $66.1 billion.

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