Telegram Poised to Launch Native Cryptocurrency

Telegram Messenger

According to Techcrunch, an online magazine, a native cryptocurrency may afford Telegram’s payment system “enormous independence from any government or bank”

Guangzhou aims to be next high-tech powerhouse

Guangzhou, China

Editor’s note: One thing that I find remarkable about China’s meteoric rise as a global manufacturing powerhouse is the simple fact that they are able to adapt quickly without much fanfare – unlike most other countries on the planet.

ABIS Newsletters Q1 2016

The following Newsletters are available in PDF: ABIS Newsletter January 2016, Issue 1; ABIS Newsletter February 2016, Issue 2; ABIS Newsletter March 2016, Issue 3; ABIS Newsletter April 2016, Issue 4.

ABIS Limited has gone Social

mobile phone - social

The Internet, truly, is a great tool for quickly relaying information to friends, family and customers alike. And we here at ABIS Limited intend to utilise this miraculous tool for your benefit.