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The post COVID freelancing & remote workforce is a new reality

Adapting to the Post-COVID Workforce

Remote and hybrid work has become increasingly popular in recent years, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated adoption by businesses and individuals alike. Many organisations switched … Read more

"A satisfied customer is a repeat customer"

From Transactions to Relationships: The Continuing Evolution of Customer Care for SMEs & MSMEs

Improving the customer experience is crucial for businesses of all sizes. After all, attracting and retaining customers in today’s constantly evolving and competitive market is … Read more

5G broadband delivers faster eCommerce speeds

5G Revolution: How Faster Connections are Changing the Face of E-Commerce

Introduction to 5G The main features of 5G include: Increased Speed: 5G networks are designed to provide download speeds of up to 20 Gbps and … Read more

Africa's Workforce Potential for its Youth

Africa’s Youth Workforce Potential

The Global COVID-19 Pandemic and more recently, war in Europe (Russia & Ukraine), has taken its toll on prospects for economic growth on the African … Read more

Chanuka Chat guests

Chanuka Chat – Pitching to Investors

Here’s the actual Zoom video that was hosted by Sally Rotich and Jacob Abuon of SOMO regarding the intricacies of pitching ideas to investors in … Read more

Somo Ongoza Webinar on Startups' pitch for Investment

SOMO Ongoza Webinar on Startups’ Pitch for Investment

Learn new skills in our upcoming webinar Greetings everyone! Although most of the world is currently pre-occupied with resolving the COVID-19 (Corona) health crises, things … Read more