Investment Advisory

ABIS Limited aims to provide our clients with superior investment advice and guidance. In order to achieve this we first seek to understand the individual needs and desires of our clients. We then tailor fit portfolios and plans to meet these needs and desires. ABIS Limited has invested in software technology and professional partnerships in order to ensure our information and use thereof is soundly based.

ABIS Limited provides a range of investment portfolio management services to our clients. These include:

  • Recommended investment portfolios based on desired risk level, investment objective, available funds and estimated time period of investment.
  • Guidance on Buy Sell decisions
  • Facilitation in investing in stock, bond or money market instruments and trading on your behalf.
  • Management of your Portfolio providing a periodic update of  all portfolio activities and overall portfolio performance.
  • Periodic Portfolio Company Review
  • News of interest on any of companies held within portfolio