Will Preparation

ABIS now provides Will Preparation Services. We guide you in completing a simple questionnaire from which we can construct your Will. We then have the document registered through a reputable legal firm.

Most people do not have wills for one reason or another. Studies suggest that some of these reasons are, cost, fear, procrastination, simply not seeing the need to, and feeling the assets are not important in terms of size and value.

This in turn results in most people leaving a status of Intestate, (without wills) and leaving the State to decide on the distribution of assets.

Whilst your assets are likely to be distributed to your spouse (should you be married) and/ or children (should you have any), without a will others (other relatives or friends, charities etc) who you may wish to have given gifts, may not be taken care of.

  • A will allows you to clearly set out and communicate to your family and friends, who you may wish to look after minor children, who you wish to oversee your affairs.
  • A Will gives you peace of mind. And ABIS Limited has stepped in to help you. We have made writing a Will, Simple, Worry-free, Affordable and Expedient.
  • Upon completion, you will have successfully concluded one of the most important and essential legal documents that you ever will.

Every adult should have an up to date Will and we will ensure that
you are one of these wise adults.
** Download the ABIS Will Questionnaire to get started! **

For more information please contact us and we will
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