Africa’s Youth Workforce Potential

The Global COVID-19 Pandemic and more recently, war in Europe (Russia & Ukraine), has taken its toll on prospects for economic growth on the African Continent.

Nevertheless, African economies need to continue being built. The Pandemic underscored the fact that Africa has an overwhelmingly young population. Indeed, the African Continent, has the World’s youngest population.

It is therefore time to re-focus and harness the potential of Africa’s youth who form the vast majority of Africa’s  workforce. 

But, the full potential of building nations through this workforce is yet to be realised. The young in Africa, are often struggling to find employment and earn a decent living.

The overarching lack of jobs in Africa’s formal employment sector  has left much of the youth creating their own income within the informal sector. According to the World Bank, the informal employment accounts for over 80%  of total employment in urban Africa.

(Source: Supporting Africa’s urban informal sectorWorld Bank)

Today, it is imperative that the informal sector is supported to attain sustainable youth employment. It is also imperative that the informal sector either merges with, or transcends the formal sector. It must become a productive sustainable form of employment for the youth to see them rise above the poverty line and indeed thrive.

Africa needs to Grow, Harvest, Sustain and Harness the Skills ofits youth to reap the benefits of this potential workforce and to keep the future’s most productive segment of the population in Africa. The Continent needs to build its workforce to take up all areas of work that will build individual countries and the Continent overall.

At ABIS, our contribution to seeing Africa realise its potential through the youth addresses key areas, and prepares the youth for Sustainability


  • Training
  • Upskilling & Skills Matching
  • Vocational Education & Skills
  • Life & Soft Skills
  • Employment Readiness
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Agricultural development
  • Skills for Rural development


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Accessing Funds – grants, scholarships, sponsors, seed money
  • Market competitive assessment
  • Ready Employees
  • Jobs & Careers

Exploring what needs to be done to build a country, will see an expansion of careers and opportunities for the Youth in Africa.

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