Investor Market Performance 2019

Investor Market Performance 2019

In the following presentation, you will find a Powerpoint slideshow regarding Kenya’s market performance in 2019 for investors. In addition, you will also find info … Read more

ABIS Newsletters Q1 2016

The following Newsletters are available in PDF: ABIS Newsletter January 2016, Issue 1; ABIS Newsletter February 2016, Issue 2; ABIS Newsletter March 2016, Issue 3; ABIS Newsletter April 2016, Issue 4.

End of Year 2014 Newsletter

The Economy – Highlights. 2014 started positively with just under a year of the Jubilee government. Though earners such as tourism continued to dampen economic performance, key indicators were nevertheless generally stable.

Why you need Investment Advisory Services?

Without a doubt, today’s world — on a business and personal level — is filled with a certain level of unpredictability that did not exist a few decades ago. To deny this simple observation is akin to driving at night without any headlights.