12 African startups to watch in 2018

a startup behind the scenes

Editor’s note: With the unprecedented surge and use of open source tech to obliterate costs, disruptive blockchain uses, cheap web hosting plans and what not, is it any surprise that Startups will only get hotter in Africa?

ABIS Newsletters Q1 2016

The following Newsletters are available in PDF: ABIS Newsletter January 2016, Issue 1; ABIS Newsletter February 2016, Issue 2; ABIS Newsletter March 2016, Issue 3; ABIS Newsletter April 2016, Issue 4.

Kenyan job seekers lack ICT skills, independence


While Kenya is famed for its mobile uptake and innovation, Beaton says much more needs to be done to encourage basic ICT literacy among students, and ICT skills need to be elevated to a “minimum requirement” of education.

End of Year 2014 Newsletter

The Economy – Highlights. 2014 started positively with just under a year of the Jubilee government. Though earners such as tourism continued to dampen economic performance, key indicators were nevertheless generally stable.

Why you need Investment Advisory Services?

Without a doubt, today’s world — on a business and personal level — is filled with a certain level of unpredictability that did not exist a few decades ago. To deny this simple observation is akin to driving at night without any headlights.